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RE: Authentication & Login sessions

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> >This is definitely an interesting idea. The guys at www.padl.org have
> padl.com. padl.org is the Public Access Defibrillation League :-)

DOH!! Sorry about that, thanks for the correction. (It's tempting to make
a joke about any possible connection there, but never mind... }-)

> >haven't gone anywhere. (Not surprising, since the primary force 
> behind the
> >RFC is Sun. Oh well.) At any rate, the NIS-based schema is 
> adequate for any
> >BSD-based OS.
> I'm aware of these changes, I haven't had time to incorporate them. It
> would be unfair to Sun to say this was due to pressure from them, or
> indeed that they are the primary force behind the RFC (although they
> have generally been supportive).

Please forgive my statement above. I was being pretty callous. 

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