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RE: Authentication & Login sessions

>This is definitely an interesting idea. The guys at www.padl.org have

padl.com. padl.org is the Public Access Defibrillation League :-)

>already done a lot of work in this area. We've done a lot of work in this
>area at www.symas.com as well. You may want to look at RFC 2307 for a schema
>for representing NIS databases in LDAP. I submitted several suggested
>changes for this RFC to make it more generic, so that it would be usable for
>AIX, HP and SCO's particular enhanced security databases but those changes
>haven't gone anywhere. (Not surprising, since the primary force behind the
>RFC is Sun. Oh well.) At any rate, the NIS-based schema is adequate for any
>BSD-based OS.

I'm aware of these changes, I haven't had time to incorporate them. It
would be unfair to Sun to say this was due to pressure from them, or
indeed that they are the primary force behind the RFC (although they
have generally been supportive).

-- Luke
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