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2.0 TO DO List

Here is the short list:

OpenLDAP 2.0 Projects
        Update back-perl
        Update back-sql
        Update back-tcl
    SLURPD v3 update
        use _ext API, avoid deprecated routines
        referral chasing options/rebind proc
    client API update
        Implement LDAP errno draft (deferred)
        Implement per continuation reference callback
    Add TLS SASL/EXTERNAL support
    SLAPD/SLURD Admin Guide
    Update manual pages


SLAPD frontend, excepting full UTF-8 support, is basically
ready to go.  I'd like to add a few additional syntax
validators/normalizers and matching rule match routines
before going beta.  Additional indexers/filter routines
would be nice (especially those for case exact/ignore

SLAPD new "programmable" backends (perl, sql, tcl) need
to be updated to new API... those not updated by the
end of the week will be excluded from the beta.  If you
want these included, I recommend YOU get busy.

SLURPD has been updated to use ManageDSAit.  Needs to
updated to support SASL bind and Start TLS.  And, IIRC,
moddn newsuperior.  Also, would be nice if someone
would fix the LDIF parser to do deal with multivalued
attributes correctly (the parser splits them into a
sequence of singled value updates).

Clients need to be updated to use ASYNC _ext interfaces,
handle notices of disconnect, and to report returned
referrals when chasing is disabled (the default).  A
rebind callback needs to be provided when appropriate.

C API work can be deferred for now.

SASL/EXTERNAL (TLS) needs to implemented.  Other SASL
mechanisms need to be tested.

Documentation needs loads of work!

Please feel free to "jump on in."