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Re: ITS#578: prototype macros

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:

> Steve,
> I think we also need a LIBLBER_FD macro without the extern...
> For NT:
> #define LIBLBER_F(type)  extern __declspec(LIBLBER_DECL) type LIBCALL
> #define LIBLBER_F(type)  __declspec(LIBLBER_DECL) type LIBCALL
> #define LIBLBER_V(type)  extern __declspec(LIBLBER_DECL) type
> #define LIBLBER_VD(type) __declspec(LIBLBER_DECL) type
> Otherwise:
> #define LIBLBER_F(type)  extern type LIBCALL /* func */
> #define LIBLBER_F(type)  type LIBCALL /* declar func in c file */
> #define LIBLBER_V(type)  extern type /* variable */
> #define LIBLBER_VD(type) type    /* declare var in c file */

I agree, that makes the compilation more robust and system independent.
I have not
yet seen a compiler that omplains about an extern on the function
but that doesn't mean there won't be one.

Should extern also have a define, i.e. #define LDAP_LIB_E extern     ??



> and we should separately s/LIBL(BER|DAP)_/\1_/g

Are you saying you want to change LIBLBER_F to BER_F or LIBLDAP_F to
What is the motivation?

> Comments?
>         Kurt

Where do we go from here?