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Re: ACI syntax

At 03:37 PM 6/7/00 -0400, Mark Valence wrote:
>Are you talking about just a re-shuffle of the fields, or different 
>delimiters, or something else?

Yes, yes, yes.  It should be obvious that an OpenLDAPaci is not
an LDAPaci and vice versa.

>We could use a more ACL-like syntax, but since (from my perspective) 
>ACIs are constructed by software and not people, there's no need for 

I think ACL and ACI should be similiar in syntax as the
semantics are related.  As far as readability goes, that's
a secondary requirement.  The primary requirement is that
it be machine parsable.  As far as software, not people,
well, we don't have tools yet... and when we do have tools,
they might enjoy a ;binary syntax.  So, we might want to
define an ASN.1 based syntax for OpenLDAP ACI and then
define a string representation of that syntax.  Software
could use either.  People would use the string
representation (I presume).  But I ramble.