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Re: ACI syntax

At 02:15 PM 6/7/00 -0400, Mark Valence wrote:
 >I'll be updating the ACI syntax soon, and I need comments on what the
 >OpenLDAPaci syntax should look like.  I propose that we use a syntax
 >similar to the latest LDAPaci syntax, which is a bit cleaner than
 >what's implemented right now.

I'd like to divorce the two syntaxes as much as possible to avoid
confusion.  LDAPaci is moving target, it will change.  I rather
avoid having to explain subtle why subtle syntax differences
have significantly differences in semantics.

Are you talking about just a re-shuffle of the fields, or different delimiters, or something else? The LDAPaci syntax has the necessary fields: scope, rights, attributes, subject. We could come up with more efficient arrangement, sure.

We could use a more ACL-like syntax, but since (from my perspective) ACIs are constructed by software and not people, there's no need for readability.