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At 09:10 AM 6/5/00 +0200, Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:
>> I haven't looked at how easy it would be to push the thread-pooling
>> code "outside" of the platform-specific thread code.  Any comments
>> here?  Preferences?
>Only a comment if you are into threading issues.  The main thread may
>be pretty busy when cryptography is used.  Maybe you want to look into

Not to meantion other bottle necks in the listener thread.

I'd really like to move to a system where the listener thread
was not responsible for the actual input/output.  The listener
would just manage the event loop and assign a worker thread
to any socket needing attention.

However, this requires a significant redesign which is likely
best deferred for a bit.  I rather Mark just implement some simple
pooling (at an existing thread_create() boundary) as a first step.