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Re: Benchmarks at Network World

> From:    Julio =?iso-8859-1?Q?S=E1nchez=20Fern=E1ndez?= <j_sanchez@stl.es>
> To:      openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org

> Anyway, I find some numbers shocking.  For instance, the messaging
> test with one client does 4.6 operations per second, while the same
> test with 10 clients does 47.7 operations per client.  I.e., it is
> scaling linearly with the number of clients.  Similarly, the
> addressing test did 5.9 operations per second with one client and
> 48.6 with 10 clients, i.e. going up with the number of clients
> but hitting some limits already.

> Any idea on what might be producing that?  Besides saturation on the
> client side, of course, that I will presume for now it is not the
> case.

Loading with several indexes active and write-sync's on explains poor
load performance.  Read performance is probably due to searching on
un-indexed attributes, i.e. no the same ones built during load.  Each
client starts at the same time, starts a thread, and all finish about
the same time: linear scaling.

On a Solaris 400Mhz machine, I get about 300 entries per second during
load.  My search rate is not as easy to extract, but it's much faster
than 4-5 per second.  More like 1000 per second...