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Benchmarks at Network World

Maybe you have seen this:


Anyone has any idea on what they used?  I presume it is the OpenLDAP
as distributed by RedHat.  Presumably, it is compiled without threads
as recommended for 1.2.x on Linux and I don't know what DB they used
as backend, i.e. gdbm, Berkeley DB or something else.  We don't know
the filters used in the test nor the indexing configuration.

Anyway, I find some numbers shocking.  For instance, the messaging
test with one client does 4.6 operations per second, while the same
test with 10 clients does 47.7 operations per client.  I.e., it is
scaling linearly with the number of clients.  Similarly, the
addressing test did 5.9 operations per second with one client and
48.6 with 10 clients, i.e. going up with the number of clients
but hitting some limits already.

Any idea on what might be producing that?  Besides saturation on the
client side, of course, that I will presume for now it is not the