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RE: Referal chaining

That's part of what back-ldap was intended to accomplish, but I haven't
worked on it in a while. I had implemented a referral-caching backend first,
but I've lost track of those patches. If you're interested in working on
this, I'd like to hear what you have in mind.

The referral cache was for dumb LDAP clients: I kept a cache of all the
referrals generated by the other backends. If a referral was returned for
ou=foo,o=bar and then later a client asked for rdn=xxx,ou=foo,o=bar they
were immediately referred again rather than passing the request down to any
other backends. Currently a client would get Object Not Found for the
subsequent request, but most clients are smart enough not to ask after
getting the first referral.

On top of this, if referral chaining was turned on, the referral-caching
backend would propagate the request and return the result. Chaining was
always done anonymously, which made it somewhat less than useful.
Unfortunately there's still no obvious way to fix this. What we really need
is DSP on TCP; trying to use a client access protocol for inter-server
operation is just nuts...

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> Subject: Referal chaining
> Is there any work done on slapd performing chaining of referrals, i.e. the
> server follows referrals instead of handing the referral back to the
> client?
> Anyone independantly working on this?
> -Mark Adamson
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