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Search Base

There are some new handheld devices that we are testing out here at
Carnegie Mellon that have an LDAP client in them. We've found that the
client software has no way of setting a "search base" when doing an LDAP
query, it assumes a NULL search base will be accepted at the server and
set to a default value. So my OpenLDAP slapd isn't returning any entries.
  Some folks here are thinking slapd should make an assumption when it
gets a query with no search base, e.g. set the search base to the
suffix of the first database in slapd.conf. I'm opposed to this request,
if it breaks the protocol.

* Is this currently possible in slapd through slapd.conf? 
   (It appears possible with ldapd   BASE=  config option)

* Does this break the protocol (LDAP)  ?

* What are thoughts in adding this to the slapd?

-Mark Adamson
 Carnegie Mellon