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Re: C++ variant of OpenLDAP 2.0 alpha3

At 07:13 PM 2/24/00 +0100, Mikael wrote:
>"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
>> At 02:56 PM 2/24/00 +0100, Mikael wrote:
>> >Since the whole OpenLDAP package is written in C it is hard to use other
>> >modules (f.e. DCOM,dll:s written in C++ in the OpenLDAP code.
>> C can call C++ and vice versa.
>Hmm....I am almost certain that you cannot call a C++ routine from C (program
>compiled with C compiler).

MS DevStudio: Mixed-Language Programming: Overview
  Microsoft provides 32-bit versions of C, C++, MASM, and Fortran,
  and mixed-language programming is possible between all these

The MS document provides details on how this may be done.

>So the basic problem is: openldap, written in C, cannot call my C++ DCOM(or
>dll) interface which I (ofcourse) cannot translate into C (auto-generated).

OpenLDAP can call a C++ routine.  This is all that is needed.