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Re: OpenLDAP backend questions!

At 05:26 PM 2/17/00 +0100, Mikael wrote:
>Hi again!
>A new bunch of newbie questions. :-)
>1. Is it possible to view the server status in some separate (and
>regulary updated) file(s)?

Server status is available via cn=monitor, not via files.

>The administrators wish to look at what
>clients are logged on, ipaddresses, server charge(?) and similar things.
>I could ofcourse 'hack' these functionalities in the code but
>....why invent the wheel again?

If you do, be sure to provide patches so others don't have to
reinvent the wheel.

>2. Is it possible to 'throw out' a client at once, using the 'abandon'
>backend function or something in the 'send_ldap_result' function?

Not sure what you mean by 'throw out'.

>3. How does the backend  'test_filter' function for comparison work?
>Some examples would be great.

See back-passwd/search.c.

>4. If I'd like to configure slapd at run-time(for new clients), how can
>this be done?

We don't support dynamic configuration... excepting experimental
'aci' in devel codes.

>5. What the differences are between LDAPv2 and LDAPv3?
>    I have read the RFC:s and have found several differences, subschema,
>    operation option etc. but it would be great to have an exact list of
>all differences
>    between the 2 protocols.

I don't have a list... the big difference between LDAPv2 and LDAPv3
is extensibility (Controls,Extended Operatations,Extended
Search Filters, and SASL).

>Exactly what LDAP v3 functionalities are supported  in

See the TODO list.