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Returning wrong entry for a dn


I am having a strange problem with my openldap slapd server. I actually have
a slapd running on solaris 2.6 supporting two different suffixes on the same
server. I am trying to do a search for an entry from the database and I am
getting the wrong entry for it. 

I have two suffixes "o=comp1,c=US" and "o=comp2,c=US" supported on the same
server. I have a bunch of entries under each. When I am trying to do a
search on an entry under "o=comp1,c=US" the result I am getting is the base
object in the second suffix i.e. object "o=comp2,c=US". I have entries from
1000 to 1009, 1000 entry is good I am getting the right ones back. But 1001
is the entry that's giving problem.
When I do a search on this with "dn:
edigit=1,edigit=0,edigit=0,edigit=1,o=comp1,c=US" I get back:
dn: o=comp2,c=US
objectclass: top
objectclass: organization
o: comp2
When I try to delete that entry, I get back: Operation not allowed on
nonleaf. When I created this entry this is the leaf object and now I don't
know why it's saying that and why it's giving the wrong result for search.

When I do a search on the next number 1002 with "dn:
edigit=2,edigit=0,edigit=0,edigit=1,o=comp1,c=US" I get back: No such object
When I try to delete that entry it gives: No such object
When I try to add it again it gives: Already exists
It does the same thing for the entry 1003 also. But again the entries after
that are fine 1004, 1005 ......1009 are all returning the right ones back. 

I am having problem deleting entries from under the second suffix. Adding,
modifying, searching is all fine but I am having problem deleting the
entries under second suffix it says "Operation not allowed on nonleaf" when
I know that is a leaf object. If I do a search on the entries with sub
option I don't get any thing else under that object and when I created them
I created as the leaf objects.

I actually imported some of the entries under the first suffix
"o=comp1,c=US" from an old server supporting only this suffix. All the
entries under the second suffix "o=comp2,c=US" were created new after
creating a new server supporting both suffixes.

I ran the server in debug mode but could not figure out anything. I can send
the out put from the server in debug mode if you need to look at it. Did
somebody encounter this problem before. It will be great if somebody could
help me with this.

Thanks, for the help.

Suneetha R. Nalla