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Re: Multiple certificates for same user

At 07:46 PM 2/5/00 -0500, Romuald Dabrowski wrote:
>I am trying to place multiple e-mail certificates for the same user. 
>I've  placed them as values of the  userCertificate attribute (under the
>DN identifying the user).  

General questions (not specific to OpenLDAP) should be taken to
the general mailing list.  Questions specific to OpenLDAP software
should be taken to the software list.  The question of how to
store userCertificates in OpenLDAP can be found in the software
list archives.

userCertificate allows multiple values... whether or not clients
can handle more than one value is a client issue and should be
taken to a forum specific to that client.

This list is reserved for discussions concerning the development
of OpenLDAP.