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RE: Calling conventions

I was just looking at ldap_search_ext code and noticed that the
behavior of sizelimit does not match the IETF ldap c-api-draft-04.
To quote the draft:
1641 For the ldap_search_ext() and ldap_search_ext_s() calls,
1642 this is a limit on the number of entries to return from the
1643 search.  A value of LDAP_NO_LIMIT (0) means no limit.
1670 Note that the
1671 value from the session handle is ignored when using the
1672 ldap_search_ext() or ldap_search_ext_s() functions.
Yet the code in search.c function ldap_build_search_req
does the following:
   (sizelimit < 0) ? ld->ld_sizelimit : sizelimit,
i.e. gets the value from the session handle when -1 is passed
for the sizelimit.
My question is: is the code going to stay this way, or be modified
to follow the draft?  Personally I like the bahavior that -1 causes the
value from the session handle to be used, but then my opinon doesn't
count for much.
-Steve Sonntag
Steve Sonntag
Novell Directory Services
+1 801 861 7097