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Calling conventions

Has anyone given thought to specifying calling conventions in the header
files.  There ought to be a way to specify whether a library is built
with __stdcall or __cdecl calling conventions.  That way when an
application is built, the header files will specify the correct calling 
convention and it will not get left up to default compiler options.

In looking at ldap_cdefs.h I was confused by LIBXXX_F defines.  
It is obvious they control all external stuff, but I couldn't figure out
what F might mean.  I at first thought "Function", but they are
used also for variables.  If the original intent was function,
then perhaps there should be two defines: LIBXXX_V for variables
and LIBXXX_F for functions.  Then the calling conention could be
put on the Function define.  The define LIBXXX_F would have to also be
put in the code where the function is coded so it would match the prototype.

Does this make sense.  Any better ideas.  Does anyone else need
something like this?

-Steve Sonntag