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Re: Openldap with 100,000 entries and above

In the context of development software, likely not. Most
of our testing is done with databases of a few thousand to
10,000's. Large scale testing is done by users post release
(hopefully before a release is marked as being "stable").

However, in the context of released software, folks have
deployments of OpenLDAP of greater than 1,000,000 entries.
Discussions of such come up fairly regularly on the
software list (the appropriate list to discuss the use
of OpenLDAP software).


At 06:20 PM 1/7/00 +0800, syw wrote:
Hi there,

Just would like to seek reassurance from someone who has
use openldap with 100000 entries and above... openldap
still runs OK in this situation. How do i count the number of entries