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Re: Radius and ldap

On Thu, Dec 23, 1999 at 01:11:08AM +1100, Luke Howard wrote:

> Well, hopefully something like a lightweight IPC-based transport should
> alleviate the efficiency concerns whilst still providing implementation
> portability.

It is often easier to deploy several radius servers which are less efficient
than to design one that is far more complicated but more efficient. We
routinely process tens of radius requests/s and our Radius setup is very

I would advise against making very much mission critical systems too

> Well, we wrote the code for a NIS/LDAP gateway, except it's commercial :-)
> BTW, there is an Open Source NIS+ server implementation.

For an ISP environment, LDAP is far superior to anything NIS/NIS+ can offer.
It's faster, more versatile, it integrates very well with other environments
and it also scales very well.


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