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RE: Radius and ldap

>not tied to a single implementation. There are also good arguments for
>tightly integrating everything, for efficiency's sake, but then you are
>permanently wedded to only one implementation. (Not that I'm one to argue

Well, hopefully something like a lightweight IPC-based transport should
alleviate the efficiency concerns whilst still providing implementation

>Well, there's no technical reason not to do it. Are you talking about NIS or
>NIS+, by the way? (No burning reason behind the question; NIS is easier,
>more widely used, more limited in functionality... NIS+ makes a stab at
>security, is hierarchical, etc., but I haven't seen it licensed by other
>vendors...) It's a matter of finding somebody motivated enough to write the
>code. Most of the necessary research is easily done since the respective
>free standing servers are already available as open source. (Excluding NIS+,
>I guess.)

Well, we wrote the code for a NIS/LDAP gateway, except it's commercial :-)

BTW, there is an Open Source NIS+ server implementation.

-- Luke


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