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Re: help on the source code

At 11:43 AM 12/7/99 +0530, Bharat Tewari wrote:
>hi all
>i am confused, can somebody explain me the back-ldbm search code?
>Here is my specific query although any help would be appreciated. I was
>trying to understand the
>ldbm_back_search() code. This is in regard to the OpenLDAP 1.2.7 code. For
>doing a one level or subtree search, it is modifying the filter and then
>calls filter_candidates(), the list of candidates is retruned and down in
>the code test_filter() is again called for testing the entry.

test_filter is called once per candidate to ensure that the canditate
matches the filter.  search_candidates may return candidates which
do not match the filter.  Before search_candidates is called, every
entry in the database is a candidate.  It's search_candidates' job to
use index information to widdle down the number of candidates.  How
well it does depends upon the filter, the configuration, and the

>I dont
>understand why this is being done and then secondly why the filters are
>getting modified in the one level and subtree level query.

We use the base of the search and the scope to further limit candidates.
This is also done through the indexing system and why search_candidates
is adding additional components to the filter.

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