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Re: ldbm writesync

At 05:49 AM 12/2/99 -0800, Howard Chu wrote:
>Just a suggestion, on the topic of cache flushing and such... In the
>interest of speeding up bulk write operations:
>	perform ldbm_open without writesync
>	keep track of a "dirty" flag
>	on *read* operations check for dirty, and perform an explicit
>	    ldbm_sync.
>The ldbm_sync can be invoked after the read results are sent back to the
>client, to avoid making the reader wait around. In the worst case of a very
>active directory with lots of writes & reads, this should be no worse than
>before. In the case of a major series of updates, this should be a bit
>faster. For the paranoid, you can always issue a search after a write to
>force a flush. Comments? (Other than "you've stayed awake too late again,

I would rather see our energies turned to making back-bdb2
a reality.  I believe it impertive that we development a
robust, reliable backend.  LDBM doesn't provide a transaction
model to the server and hence back-ldbm will never be robust
nor reliable.


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