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Re: Problems with NT ldap

> No workspace appears when I open main.dsw in .../build/.

It seems as you had not converted project files to CR/LF  -- I had the same
problem with cvs sources .  Open main.dsw in notepad to see if your problem
resides here. Try to ftp them somewhere and then get back in ascii mode, or
do conversion using some special program.

> I guess I have to configure some enviroment variables but since I'm on
> NT I have problems establishing the ./configure --help command.

configure is not needed if you use MSVC -- it only makes sense if you are
using Cygwin or other unixly environment, since it is a shell script that
generates makefiles for unix-like make. The same thing with environment
variables - MSVC IDE do not use them...

> What must be done to start and compile the ldap package on VisualC++ (on
> NT)?

nothing special -- just open properly downloaded main.dsw

> Where is the documentation for the backend (C++API or similar) to get
> hold of the incoming requests from clients?

see RFCs and man pages