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Problems with NT ldap

I have just downloaded  openldap-2.0-alpha3 for use on NT4.
It looks great, supporting ldapv3 protocol, having backend for
alternative database e.t.c. but I get stuck when trying to open main
workspace in VisualC++.

No workspace appears when I open main.dsw in .../build/.

I guess I have to configure some enviroment variables but since I'm on
NT I have problems establishing the ./configure --help command.

What must be done to start and compile the ldap package on VisualC++ (on

Where is the documentation for the backend (C++API or similar) to get
hold of the incoming requests from clients?

Where is the directory tree structure information stored?

What type of authetication do openldap-2.0-alpha3 support? Where do one
and cleartext password that should be accepted for example?

Doesnt Kerberos authentication mean that we need a third part Key
Distribution Server? How is this solved?

Really greatful for any help!