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another bug in configure


if test $ol_cv_func_gethostbyaddr_r_nargs7 = yes -a \
                $ol_cv_func_gethostbyaddr_r_nargs8 = no ; then

-                ol_cv_func_gethostbyname_r_nargs=7
+               ol_cv_func_gethostbyaddr_r_nargs=7

this time it looks like somebody used cut'n'paste and forgot to change
the name, and nobody ever happened to build the package on the platform
with 7 arguments (like SunOS 5.6)...

BTW, as I saw in archive, bug reports like this one, or like my earlier
report concerning perl, used to be _acknowledged_  in some way
(committed, or refused explaining the reason)... or if I'm posting them
to wrong place - please state so.

Also, I'm pretty much interested in feedback concerning SQL backend.
Pretty many people downloaded it, but no one reported any results for
now. I'm interested in builds on platforms other than my, issues on
whether it is usable in your case, and if not - why, and what might be
done about it (if anything can be done at all :)