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RE: Developers wanted

At 08:46 AM 9/29/99 +0100, Voglmaier, Reinhard Erich wrote:
>I believe that the point for me in the moment would be to update the manual pages

I think everyone would appreciate what efforts to update our
documentation.  In particular:
	1) Admin Guide
	2) UNIX man pages
	3) Tutorials (such as the Quick Start Guide)
	4) FAQ updates

As far as getting up to speed on OpenLDAP, I suggest reviewing
our FAQ, the Quick Start Guide, INSTALL... plus the U-Mich docs
and various web articles.  This FAQ answer provides a list
(some are out of date).

To actual get started, you need:

1) CVS
2) Guide development details:
3) Tutorials should best be done in SDF so they can
   be easily published in different formats.  (The
   QSG is to be converted to SDF soon).
4) web browser to update the FAQ, it's interactive.