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KTH support for openldap

[ My horror at the suggested use of AFS krb libraries deleted]
> All true.  I wouldn't suggest supporting the use of AFS Kerberos
> libraries.  AFAIK, UMich LDAP 3.3 didn't support the use of AFS
> Kerberos libraries.  What it did do, is support an alternate
> string-to-key function in ud.  I don't think that's terribly hard to
> support, since the string-to-key function is already in the ud code.

- This is one place ( among many ) where KTH gets it spot on. 
It automagically works whether you're using afs_string_to_key
or des_string_to_key. 

- Everything has compiled out of the box except ud and the
back-ldbm. The common problem between them is that 


includes  /usr/include/crypt.h . This causes a prototype clash
for the des_encrypt function. Ud requires another simple fix 
to allow it to use krb_get_pw_in_tkt rather than krb_get_in_tkt. 

- I have #ifdef HAVE_KTH_KERBEROS code that fixes both problems,
but I don't have a test to set HAVE_KTH_KERBEROS. There is at least
one include file that looks like it would be a pretty good flag
that you have KTH kerberos:


- Anyway, let me know how you'd like to deal with this. 

- Booker C. Bense