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RE: Developers wanted


There are two good LDAP tutorials at LinuxWorld. The first article listed below has a brief explanation of how (using OpenLDAP) to get a basic LDAP directory set up -- it sounds like what you need. The second article listed below is the first of a three part series. This series gives a broad overview of what a directory service can do, and how you go about designing one.



With these articles, and the Admin Guide as reference, you should be in good shape.


I believe that the point for me in the moment would be to update the manual pages, since this is a good opportunity to understand better OpenLDAP. What I am missing is a some pages that give a quick & easy start with LDAP. It should be like a mixture of the SLAPD and SLURPD Administration Guide, the FAQ'S on the OpenLDAP Web Site and the RFC in matter, somewhat that helps to get a server up and running and than piece after piece helps to get a more complete configuration. What is missing too are some words what the various configuration files are for ( for exampls the slapd.*.conf files ).