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Re: ldap_result return value

At 02:52 PM 9/22/99 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
>The description of ldap_result says that it returns the msg type of the
>first message in a chain, but in fact it returns the type of the *last*
>message in the chain.

Per the draft API spec:
Upon successful completion, ldap_result() returns the type of the first
result returned in the res parameter.

>Does anyone know why things are still in their current state?

Because no one has had time to fix it yet.

>I.e., why is the patch that corrects this bug #if'd out?

Though I concur the patch attempts to provide the proper
behavior, I was not sure the implementation is correct
was when I originally reviewed the patch.  IIRC, the patch
caused problems on various platforms.

>If this is going to be the permanent situation,
>maybe we should change the description of ldap_result
>so it won't mislead anyone else.

No.  The code needs to be fixed properly.  Unless someone gets
to it first, I'll like fix it when I finish off LDAPv3 search