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defines for each sasl mech?

Hello all,

I was adding GSS authentication to OpenLDAP 1.2.3, but then I checked out
OpenLDAP 2.0 devel, and noticed many of the SASL plugs have been started.
Not wanting to duplicate work, I am now considering moving my changes over
to new OpenLDAP 2.0-devel.  My question is, do we want a #define HAVE_XXX
for every supported SASL mechanism?  If that was the plan, or if that's a
good idea, then I'll add a #define HAVE_SASL_GSS or #define HAVE_GSS.

I am thinking about how to tell the server to accept the GSS mech. for
SASL.  Should there be a command line argument (such as -g), a #define in
the source, or should it just setup GSS contexts, and use them only if
client requests?  Our work here requires GSS, but since other won't use
it, I wanted to inquire as to the best way to make it an option.