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Re: include/ac/stdarg.h

At 06:05 PM 7/22/99 -0500, Randy Kunkee wrote:
>Current code is:
>#if defined( HAVE_STDARG ) || \
>	( defined( HAVE_STDARG_H ) && defined( __STDC__ ) ) 
>Probably HAVE_STDARG should be HAVE_STDARG_H.  However, this makes the
>second part of the test a no-op.  What's the 2nd test really supposed
>to be?

The HAVE_STDARG is overloaded.  It used to enable
STDC variable arguments when __STDC__ isn't defined
(see include/portable.h.nt) AND used within codes to
determine which variable argument semantics to use.

Portable.h.nt probably should be written define __NEED_STDARG
and ac/stdard use this in the #ifdef.  The code would continue
to use HAVE_STDARG.  (Yes, it might be time to eliminate the
old K&R vararg code).