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Re: NT Port

At 10:14 AM 7/20/99 PDT, Samir Desai wrote:
>Please excuse me if I sound like a novice, but, First timer with OpenLDAP.

As a first timer, you might -release or -stable first.  Of course,
the NT port of slapd is not yet released...  If you are interested
in helping us develop slapd for NT, feel free to jump on in.

>Got the source from CVS.  Compiled a Debug version in VC++ 6.0.  Exe 
>generated without much of a problem.  Problem occurs in executing it.

Not surprised... the port is highly experimental.

>I can install it as a service (slapd install), but when I try to start this 
>service using net start it returns a msg stating service has started 
>although no such process running under taskmanager.

I don't think the code is ready to be run as a service (though
folks have implemented service manager support).  I recommend
developers run it from the command line for now.

>Once I run the exe from command line (slapd.exe):

>slapd startup: initiated.
>slapd starting
>daemon: select failed (10022): unknown

The listener codes recently got modified... likely needs
to be patched for NT.

>daemon: abnormal condition, shutdown initiated.
>slapd shutdown: waiting for 0 threads to terminate
>slapd shutdown: initiated
>ldbm backend saving nextid
>next_id_read: could not open "./usr/tmp/NEXTID"

We likely should use a differnet default directory
for databases... like c:\temp.

>ldbm backend syncing
>ldbm backend done syncing
>slapd shutdown: freeing system resources.
>slapd stopped.
>Can anyone tell me WHY?  Do I need to set some registry keys.  If "Yes", 
>then what are these keys?

No keys are required.  Run slapd should be ran from the command line
for now (unless you are specifically testing service manager integration).

>I still dont know where do I specify the port no 
>or has this been hardcoded within the source.

For now, by command line option.  Once service manager integration
work is complete, you will be able to use registration keys.