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porting OpenLDAP to embedded OS

Has anyone ever tried to port OpenLDAP to an embedded un*xlike OS, e.g.
VxWorks? Since I would like to do this any information is very welcome.

My idea is to have an embedded system which acts as a LDAP client. At
the moment I'm studying the OpenLDAP source code and try to figure out
what parts of the source in the minimal I have to use. Is there any
information about the code elements, e.g. libavl, liblber, libldap,
libldbm, libdif, liblthread or liblutil and the functionality of those

To have a LDAP client I procede like following: 1.) port all the
libraries necessary for a minimal client to the embeddded OS, 2.) port
one of the demo client applications, e.g. finger, to the target and
cross-compile the client application with its libraries. After this I
hopefully have a running LDAP client. What do you think about my

Thanks for any information or hints
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