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Re: Extending Open LDAP

Hi Philip,

Openldap has several generic backends that allow you to couple PIDS to
OpenLDAP without modifying any OpenLDAP code. Instead you write a shell, perl
or tcl script to adapts the request to a request for your PIDS system.
In your case the new CORBA backend I'm working on also might be interesting.
It relays the search and other LDAP requests to a CORBA interface. This will
allow you to put the adapter anywhere you like.
You can have a look at the IDL specification of the interface at:
http://home.lifeline.nl/bastiaan/openldap/corba/openldap.idl .  IDLDoc'ed API
documentation is available at:
The implementation is based on OmniORB2 but it shouldn't be too difficult to
port to another ORB. Currently only the search function has been implemented,
but I hope to publish a more complete version soon.

Bastiaan Bakker

Philip A. Waligora wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have quite a question for you guys......
> I work for U of M's medical IT department.  We're working on a project to
> integrate LDAP and PIDS (a CORBA based directory service) so that an LDAP
> client can access the PIDS data.
> Does anyone out there know how wwe could either configure teh server or
> perhaps even re-werite the search funtion in teh source code so that
> whenever a search request is sent the server will issue a system call to
> start teh PIDS client?  I'd like the PIDS client to grab the sesarch
> filter sent by teh client, search teh PIDS server's data, write the
> results to a file and then have teh LDAP server send out a system call to
> execute the ldapadd command to add teh results to the server's database
> and after that is done the "real" search will be done and sent back to the
> original LDAP client.  I was looking through teh source code trying to
> understand it today....if I go to the slapd/search.c file and alter teh
> do_search() function to do that, do you think it would work?
> Thanks,
> Phil Waligora
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