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ldbmcat suspect

I cannot dump my Berkeley DB 2.4.14 database with ldbmcat, I am using
the ldbm backend, not bdb2.  This BDB comes from glibc 2.1 in a RedHat

ldbm_firstkey and ldbm_nextkey seem to traverse it correctly, but
ldbm_fetch returns nothing.  I trace it to ldbm->get returning 22, that
in my platform happens to be EINVAL.  This seems related to invalid
flags, but I have tried making a few changes in that area and nothing
changed.  I can see that the data is available in ldbm_nextkey, it is
discarded on exit and failure happens when trying to read that data
back from the key.

I was actually trying to rebuild my database to see if I can clean up
some strange condition where I can do subtree searches from the top
of the backend suffix, but fail when tried at lower levels in the tree.
This does not seem related.

The database behaves otherwise normally, base and one-level searches
work OK, only subtree searches fail, except from the top of the backend.