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Re: parser

> I was going through the sources and it got me thinking - is C++ a viable
> option?
> Given the "object-oriented" nature of LDAP I really think we should
> seriously

I firmly agree with this idea.  Coming from a Software Engineering
background, I believe in object oriented analysis and design.  I think it
will be some work to migrate to C++ (or Java), but in the long run,
extending and modifying objects is much easier than arbitrary structures
and functions.  And Predrag has a good point: implementing LDAP in C++
makes a lot of sense.   I really believe this should be a goal.  As a side
note, I would like to see more open source projects move to object
oriented implementations.  I know a lot of projects have their roots in
older code, which is why they are implemented in procedural C.

Any other ideas?