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Re: extended acl

At 11:18 AM 6/15/99 +0800, Ivan Leong wrote:
>each user can only look/search/write to his record
>and his records in his addr book subtree.

Regex to the rescue...  (please excuse minor syntax errors)

# user can write to mail entries below self
access to dn=mail=[^,]+,mail=([^,]+)
	by dn=mail=$1 write

# user can write to ANY entries below self
access to dn=.*,mail=([^,]+)
	by dn=mail=$1 write

Both of these would still require a self write rule.
Or you could:

access to dn=(.*,)?mail=([^,]+)
	by dn=mail=$2 write

>my question is, is anyone extending on openldap's

As needed, yes.  But you're more than welcomed to

>support a new keyword "parent" might do it.

I think regex handles this simple case well.