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Re: support for dynamically loadable modules (ITS#196)

Julio Sánchez Fernández wrote:

> "Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> > >This patch is not complete: it will build a functional slapd server that can
> > >dynamically load modules. However slapd will not contain any backends, expecting
> > >them to be loaded dynamically. At the moment backend modules still have to be built
> > >be hand.
> So that's why I would not find them...

Yes :-(

> > I do the following:
> > >1) Run configure with every backend you want a module for enabled.
> > >2) Make everything.
> > >3) Go to the particular backend directories for example back-perl and do:
> > >% gcc -g -O2 -shared -o libback-perl.so *.o
> Could libtool be of help here?

Probably. I still have to learn how to use libtool, that's why I did not make use of it.

> Julio


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