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Re: Release 1.3 - due date?

bert hubert wrote:

> Furthermore, if I find out how I can stop openldap from looping when it's
> out of file descriptors, I think that'd be useful too. This is a killer bug
> for me right now.

I have already fixed this a week ago. Since then the server runs in a
production environment
and haven't shown any misbehaviour.

I looked at the code and saw there that no timeout is being done to
connections. In our environment
sometimes the network connection can brake down without notice of the ldap
server. Without the
timeout patch the server keeps the connection forever even when the client
doesn't show any
network activity. After some time the server rans out of file descriptors (for
the sockets) and will
not accept a connection anymore till it's restarted.
I simply included a field in the connection structure which holds the time of
the last activity. In each
loop this time is tested against current time and the connection is closed
when the (conf file set)
timeout is reached.

As soon as I find a little time I will make a patch available online. In the
meantime anyone interested
in the patch can contact me on this address.

Philipp Klaus