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Re: Release 1.3 - due date?

On Tue, May 04, 1999 at 09:12:07AM -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> I suspect the next release will actually be 1.2.2 and will include
> a number of minor fixes (threading locking changes are not minor).
> I'm currently waiting on a couple of key patches before constructing
> this.  I suspect this will be released before the end of the month.

I'm *very* willing to help integrate the -devel modrdn call into the 1.2
tree, if anybody can give me some pointers.

Furthermore, if I find out how I can stop openldap from looping when it's
out of file descriptors, I think that'd be useful too. This is a killer bug
for me right now.


bert hubert.