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Re: New schema

At 01:17 PM 4/29/99 +0000, Larry S. Bartz wrote:
>Can we include my rendition of the DEN schema (and my hyperDEN01
>extensions) as additional optional schema?

I rather OpenLDAP try to be "my rendition" free.  That is, we
should focus on provide well-defined and commonly available
items.  "well-defined" => RFC or near-last-call IETF draft
(or equiv).  However, there is a need for a repository for
"contributed" schema items.

One approach would be to just create a "contrib" subdirectory
under slapd/schema and let folks submit their favorite items.
This might work in the short term.

Another approach is to build a schema generation tool where
one can go "shopping" for items. Alan Knowles and I have been
chatting on how to turn his LDAP Schema Browser into a
"Schema Registry/Repository/Tool". 

Alan's current browser prototype can be found at:

>If you agree, I'll modify my "LDAPv3" production of the attribute and
>objectclass tables, prepending the appropriate keyword to each entry,
>and combining into one schema file, as per the format now in the CVS.

To better promote your schema, I suggest submitting an IETF draft
of your schema.  Generating the schema in additional formats
may also help, including:
	ASN.1	Used in RFCs and, I suspect, more than one server.
	LDAPv3 attributetypes/objectclasses (in LDIF format)
		suitable for ldapmodify.  (The user may have to
		adjust the dn to modify).

You may also want to generate schema information in various
vendor specific formats.   I would go ahead a generate one
for OpenLDAP and submit it via our ITS system.  Then we'll
be forced to determine how to handle "contributed" schema.