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Re: NT Port of SLAPD and Dynamic module


As Gary noted:
  There will need to be some thoughtful merging of the two projects.

I concur.

I suggest you take a look at our -devel sources (available via CVS).
It includes initial support for SLAPD under NT.  The developer's faq
contains a few details on how to build the port.

I suspect many of your changes are redundant.  However, I'm also
sure you have many good ideas (with patches!) to help make OpenLDAP
under NT a true option.  I encourge you to submit a series of 
patches as necessary to make the port functional.

Separately, we should chat about various enhancements such as the
dynamic module support.  We happen to have a developer working on
dynamic module support.  Details are available in the list's archives.
Round two of dynamic module patches should be available soon.  When
posted,  I recommend you review it and work with existing developer
to incorporate an NT-specific implementation.

I encourge you to work submit patches against -devel.  Please
remember, a series of small patches are much easier to handle...