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Re: NT Port of SLAPD

Actually, I started my port about 2-3 weeks ago.  But our company has a
tight deadline so we decided to do our own (limited) port.  My goal is
not to replace other's NT port but to deliver a working NT port of SLAPD
with dynamic module support to the development team in my company.  In
the process, we want to make our changes available to OpenLDAP wherever
applicable.  I'm not planning a full NT port at this point since our use
is limited to slapd only, and I would like to use your port as the
base.  I think the best way is for me to integrate your changes into my
port as much as possible and I will let you review the differences that
remain.  You can take or leave my modifications, but I will always make
my changes available to OpenLDAP.

However, if my company permits and OpenLDAP needs more resources in the
work of OpenLDAP, I may be able to complete more short OpenLDAP

However, a dynamic module (shared library on Solaris or DLL on NT) to be
developed by my company will not be released to OpenLDAP since it is
specific to our company.  But since it is separate from the main
application, it should not be subjected to the OpenLDAP license.

I'm looking forward to concensus soon and suggestions on how I may
proceed from this point on.


Eric Ma