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Root DSE

I have committed initial support for the Root DSA-Specific Entry.

The only attributes that give an answer are namingContexts and
supportedLDAPVersion.  I hope I have interpreted correctly the

BTW, RFC2251, section 3.2 describes namingContexts as things as
'mastered by a particular server'.  Given the usage of 'master'
or 'mastered' in the RFCs, I am not sure if a server that has
a replica of a subtree has to include it in its response.  I cannot
imagine the purpose of namingContexts if they are not to be included.

All other attributes, except for one, that I will get into below,
are for capabilities we do not support [yet].

The missing one is the schemaSubentry.  It can be argued that it
is the most important data in the DSE.  But it requires things
we do not have yet and that lead me to further questions.

How do we give a DN to the subschema, can we just cannibalize the
CN=SCHEMA that is there in skeleton?

Am I right in thinking that the schema requires an overhaul of
the config file?

I would appreciate that people compared the output of the DSE to
that given by other servers and/or point me to public v3 servers
(no, Bigfoot does not count, it is the strangest server I've ever