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RE: NIS serving? (fwd)

The project is nss_ldap, which is a backend for the Linux and
Solaris nameservice switches. (It also supports the BSD IRS,
but no one seems to have tested that in the almost two years
this software has been around.)

The software was developed by PADL Software, not by Raging
Network Services, although Rage have been exceptionally 
helpful in packaging and promoting the software.

You can download nss_ldap from ftp.padl.com or www.padl.com.
We have recently made some updates for glibc-2.1, a snapshot
of which is available as nss_ldap-2.54.4 from the FTP site.

-- Luke

> - I recall somewhere that there is a linux project to do 
> NIS-like stuff with LDAP. I think the idea is to emulate
> all the getX calls with ldap client backends. It's not 
> exactly what you're talking about but it might be interesting
> to look at. Here's the url I have for it, it seems not 
> to be working today. 
> http://www.rage.net/ldap/
> - Booker c. Bense