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RE: NIS serving? (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:57:04 +1000
From: Luke Howard <lukeh@xedoc.com.au>
To: 'David Lee' <T.D.Lee@durham.ac.uk>
Cc: 'Ben Collins' <bcollins@debian.org>, openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org
Subject: RE: NIS serving?

> Thank you for your replies about the commercial "ypldapd".

I meant reference implementations of NIS. Check the FreeBSD
or Linux distributions for ypserv.

Of course, with 50% academic and Open Source OS discounts,
ypldapd is very reasonably priced :-)

-- Luke

- I recall somewhere that there is a linux project to do 
NIS-like stuff with LDAP. I think the idea is to emulate
all the getX calls with ldap client backends. It's not 
exactly what you're talking about but it might be interesting
to look at. Here's the url I have for it, it seems not 
to be working today. 


- Booker c. Bense