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RE: Really Weird Problem

		Like what?

	The things I mentioned below.

		Updates to the configure system and util-int.c were made
over the
		weekend to ease this issue.  Previously -devel configure
		checked for the existance of ctime_r and not it's prototype.

	Will thee changes to gonfig be mirrored in the CVS repository yet,
as config seems not to be checking my header files.

		The linker itself core dumped?  or a specific application.

	The linker. I told you it was weird.

		The DB2 changes (ldbm_dataum_init and cursor changes) are in
		Why do you need the ldif changes?  (ldif routines are not

	When I copied over the files that included the cursor change and the
ldbm_datum_init() function the vbersions I had also had the ldif names
changed and it was easier just to tweak the code locally rather than locate
the revision that contained the init() function only. maybe I screwed up.