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Re: LAST CALL for OpenLDAP 1.1.1 Changes

Lucio de Re writes:
> I'd like to include comments (lines to be ignored by the scanner)
> in LDIF (...) the other option is to use 
> hash ('#') or (my preference) semicolon in the first column.

Hash.  Follow the LDIF draft, draft-good-ldap-ldif-01.txt.  Note that
the draft has a few bugs, incuding one ambiguity for comments:

The precedence of (2) vs (3) below must be specified.

>  2) Any line in an LDIF file MAY be wrapped by inserting a line

I think that should be `2) Any non-comment line...'.

>  separator (SEP) and a SPACE.  Any line which begins with a single
>  space MUST be treated as a continuation of the previous line.
>  3) Any line which begins with a pound-sign ("#", ASCII 35) is a
>  comment line, and MUST be ignored when parsing an LDIF file.

   add `comments may not occur in the middle of a wrapped line',
   prepend `After comments have been removed,' to the
   sentence `Any line which begins with a single space...'.
   In this case, I suggest you renumber points (2) <-> (3).

It will be fixed in the next draft.