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Re: LAST CALL for OpenLDAP 1.1.1 Changes

According to Kurt D. Zeilenga:

> This is your LAST CALL for submitting bug fixes for
> OpenLDAP 1.1.1.  Please submit your proposed changes
> (using the ITS system) by 1998-12-24 12:00 GMT.
I'd like to include comments (lines to be ignored by the scanner)
in LDIF, but before putting any effort into a moderately trivial
task, I'd like to hear whether there are any strong feelings about
this, or whether I'm perhaps approaching the problem incorrectly.

There are two possibilities one may consider: the sillier of the two is 
to append a remark after the record number where such a thing exists.  
I'm tempted to think that this is possible as things stand now, but then
record numbers are not always desirable; the other option is to use 
hash ('#') or (my preference) semicolon in the first column.  I would 
find it unnecessarily complex to permit whitespace in front of the
comment indicator, and I'm not too concerned about allowing inline 

Another possibility that has just come to mind, is to use the C 
preprocessor to delete comments before using, say, ldif2ldbm(8); again, 
opinions on this option are hereby solicited.

Thanks, folk.