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Re: DB2 updates needed. (Was: Error whilst compiling CVS)

At 11:05 AM 12/22/98 -0800, David Boreham wrote:
>"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
>> I have quickly reviewed the ChangeLogs on SleepyCat's
>> website (http://www.sleepycat.com/).  There are many
>> significant API changes that need to be addressed to
>> update OpenLDAP to use the latest version of Berkeley
>> DB2.
>> Another issue is backwards compatibility for previous
>> versions of DB2 and necessary detection of DB2 version
>> information.  This gets complicated fast.
>Indeed. I don't however see any good reason to 
>support releases older than 2.4.newest
>if this is new development. This is the
>current stable release.

Because DB 2.3.16 is widely available on many target

Updating to 2.4 should be relatively straight forward.
I'll add it the todo list.  Hopefully someone will have
the time and energy to tackle this soon.

>Interfaces changed in 2.6 (2.5 isn't
>useful now that 2.6 is out), such that
>source code needs to be different.
>2.6 is also somewhat immature, so I 
>wouldn't recommend it for production use
>at present.

Agreed.  However, I would welcome OpenLDAP
experimentation with latest DB2 features and
interfaces.  I would love to see an DB2 optimized
backend that takes full advantage of the latest
features of this great open source database
system.  (That's already on the todo list).

>Header layout changed between 2.4 and 2.6
>such that it is not possible (well, hard)
>to build a binary which can auto-detect
>the db library version at runtime and
>work with both.

Er, I was referring to autoconf (configure) detection of
the DB2 version information (ie: DB_VERSION_MINOR) to
provide a warning before the software is even compiled.